Mountainview Woodies Classic Boat Club

19th Annual Naples Antique & Classic Boat Show Registration


Owner: ________________________________________________________________________________


Phone:  _______________________Email: ________________________________


Boat Exhibit Information

Manufacturer: ___________________________________Model:_________________________________

Boat Name:  _________________________________Year: ________  Length: ________

Engine make :_____________________Model: ____________Cylinders: ________HP:______



Waiver for All Show Entrants

I certify that I will be responsible for any damage to my boat or car and any damages to others or their property from any use of my boat or car during this event.  I hold free and harmless the officers and volunteers of the MWCBC/ME, ACBS, the Town of Naples, any sponsors or advertisers from any and all claims and liabilities arising from the above named show. 

Signed :______________________________________________Date:____________

(Must be signed and returned before entering the show)


Tuesday, July 31, 2012  12 noon:  Give rides to campers at Camp Sunshine

     YES________   NO_______

Wednesday, August 1, 10 AM:  14 mile cruise to Harrison w/sandwich lunch (paid onsite)  Yes__ No__

Thursday, August 2,  9:30 am:  Sebago Lake Excursion w/ 1 PM lunch @ Migis Lodge

        YES _________  NO _______

                                   Number attending __________ amount @$25.00 per person $__________

Friday, August 3, 4:30 pm:  Arrival Parade—Brandy Pond into Long Lake  (boats form up in

 Brandy Pond, parade under the drawbridge into Long Lake, circle twice in front of the Naples causeway,

 and then line up for a full-throttle departure (a real crowd pleaser)

        YES _________  NO ________

6:30 pm:  Exhibitors Dinner/Buffet and Reception @ Freedom Cafe $21.00 (cash bar & music)

        YES _________  NO ________ Number attending_____

Buffet features Chicken Marsala, Beef Tips, Fish, dessert.  Prices include tax and gratuity

Saturday, August 4, 2012: 10 am-3 pm:  Boat Show—Registration Fee $25/boat $ _____________

 Boat displayed on trailer ________or in water________Note:  Show rain date is Sunday August 5.



TOTAL ENCLOSED:……………………………………………………………$_________________



Please make checks payable to MWCBC/ME and send to:  MWCBC, PO Box 241, Fryeburg, ME  04037.  See you at the Show!